Apple Universal Monitor Stand M0403


Macintosh and IIGS

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Apple Universal Monitor Stand, M0403. There is not a lot of documentation available, but it is from the Macintosh II to LC era and made to match the computers and the monitors that were meant to sit directly on the computer. A removable square insert in the stand can be flipped to utilize the weight distribution depending on which monitor is used with it.

There are several in stock and most have little to no discoloration.

These monitors (some unconfirmed) have the matching horizontal case lines, and have a circular indent on the bottom or a round piece that could be removed to use on this stand.

This may not be an all inclusive list:

    • AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor
    • Apple High Resolution Monochrome Monitor
    • Macintosh Two Page Display
    • Macintosh Portrait Display
    • Macintosh 12″ RGB Monitor
    • Macintosh 12″ Monochrome Monitor

    The two Apple IIGS Monitors can also use this stand:

    Here is a link to the brochure at 1000 Bit.