Apple Multiple Scan 17 Display


Looks good and works great!


Apple Multiple Scan 17 Display, M2494. Released in conjunction with the 6100-8100 AV Macintosh models, this 17″ Trinitron CRT monitor supports resolutions of 640×480, 800×600, 832×624 and 1024×768. Base has, dual ADB ports, headphone and microphone ports. Built in DB-15 Mac monitor cable, and will ship with a power cable. Expect minor scratches, scrapes or scuffs.

***Photos are illustrative only and NOT what you will receive***

Current offering works great! Light discoloration, and the front adjustment door is broken. It will be included if you want to tape it on or come up with a different solution. Included is the User’s Guide, Apple Multiple Scan Software disk, and a sealed display adapter (590-0993-A) for use with a PC and instruction sheet. Also includes warranty, license and registration. This is NOT the Display in the photos. Some of the plastic inside the grooves on the top have broken. Not obvious unless you are looking down from the top.

Note that local pickup is free. Boxing monitors for safe shipping is a major ordeal and takes a long time. So there is a small fee added to the purchase price for packaging. UPS shipping charge will be calculated at checkout.