Macintosh M0110 Keyboard Key Caps


M0110 & M0110A


Key caps for the first Apple Macintosh keyboards.
M0110 is Beige to match the original Macintosh.
M0110A extended keyboard came out with the Plus. Available in both Beige and Platinum.

Coloring and other difference make these unique to these keyboards.

Caps Lock cap is NOT interchangeable between Alps and Mitsumi switches because they are different heights. Please see the keyboard switch page to identify which ones you have.

Please Contact me with your needs and include the following information:

What Key Cap(s) you are looking for. A, B, C, etc.

Type of switches on your keyboard – ALPS or Mitsumi.

Which of the 3 keyboards it is for – M0110, or Beige M0110A, or Platinum M0110A.

Key caps are $5.00 each, except the Spacebar which is $15. Please do NOT add to the cart until availability has been confirmed.