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Kensington Turbo Mouse ADB Trackball for Macintosh, Model 64100 Version 4.0. Single photo and the one on the right in the other pics. This one has two side by side ADP ports on the back.

Kensington Turbo Mouse ADB, Model 62360 Version 3.0. Shown on the left in photos of both. One ADB port on each side and dip switches on the back.

Features 2 ADB ports and 2 buttons. Should work in all Macs with an ADB port and possibly the Apple IIGS(no IIGS drivers or software that I am aware of for programming). Comes with an ADB cable and Kensington MouseWorks 5.0.2 on a 3.5 disk for the Mac(may not be an original disk). There are a few colored balls in the box which will work with either model trackball.

The nicest looking ones will be sold first as a few have some discoloration.

*Model number 62360 rolls smoothly, but needs a different (earlier) software version or dip switch setting as I can’t get the buttons to change from left = click, right = select and drag.

*Model number 64100 doesn’t roll as smoothly and may have issues rolling in one direction so may need the rollers adjusted. Buttons are perfectly programmable.

**As there are issues, these are available as follows:

A) 62360 with beige ball,cable and disk

B) 62360 Trackball (w/beige ball) only. No cable or disk

C) 64100 with beige ball,cable and disk

D) 64100 Trackball (w/beige ball) only. No cable or disk

Add one of the above to your cart, then come back to this page and select a different ball color here.

E) Blue ball

F) Red ball

G) Gray ball

Sold as-is.