Performa 6115CD


Power Mac 6100 Family

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Macintosh Performa 6115CD, Model M1596. This very nice looking Power Mac features a 6100/60 PowerPC 601 processor, 24 MB RAM, 4MB ROM, rare 256K Level 2 Cache, 1.44MB floppy drive (superdrive), CD-ROM Drive, and a 350MB hard drive with a new install of Mac OS 8.1.

Notice that the serial modem and printer ports are yellow – they are Geoports. In addition to the standard Mac modems and printers they can use the 9 pin Geoport devices. The HDI-45 display port carries both audio and video to a display such as the AudioVision 14 Display. A regular Mac monitor can be used with an adapter found here.

There is some minor discoloration on the very back otherwise evenly colored. The power cable is optional and free by request. Leave a note on the checkout page.

Note: it needs a new pram battery and will not operate properly without one.