Macintosh 512K with Hard Disk 20


M0001W Fat Mac

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Introduced in September 1984, the Macintosh 512K or “Fat Mac” is identical to the 128K, but with 385 KB more RAM.

It features an 8 MHz Motorola 68000 processor, 512K of RAM or memory, 64KB ROM, and a 400k 3.5″ disk drive in a beige all-in-one compact case with a 9″ monochrome display (512 x 342 pixels). It also came with a keyboard and mouse and sold for $3195. Ports include DB-9 mouse, printer and external modem ports, a DB-19 external disk drive port, and a speaker port. The keyboard cable plugs into the front.

Computer runs great! The 400k disk drive has been greased. The case looks nice, I’m sure it has at least light discoloration. There is a small ding on the very top.

This package includes:

  • Macintosh 512K M0001W
  • Keyboard M0110
  • Keyboard cable
  • Mouse M0100
  • Power cable (note that we have both of the earliest styles, so you can choose which one you feel is appropriate – leave a note at checkout for left or right (last photo)
  • Hard Disk 20 (and power cable), the first hard drive for a Mac! 20 megs of storage!
  • Non original set of System 3.2 (Finder 5.3) disks especially for the Hard Disk 20

Note that the Hard Disk 20 was made for the 512K, however it will not boot from it. You must start up from the HD20 disk.