Macintosh (128K) with Dove RAM Expansion and SCSI Card


2MB of memory! M0001


January 1984. The Apple Macintosh was introduced. With it’s affordable graphical user interface (GUI) – things you could point to and click on such as icons, buttons and menus – it created the look and feel of a Mac. It features an 8 MHz Motorola 68000 processor in a beige all-in-one compact case with a 9″ monochrome display (512 x 342 pixels). It also came with a keyboard and mouse and sold for $2495. Ports include DB-9 mouse, printer and external modem ports, a DB-19 external disk drive port, and a speaker port. The keyboard cable plugs into the front.

About your Macintosh:

This is a very special original Macintosh model (128K) that has been upgraded with a Dove Mac Snap 548 v.5 680-1000 RAM expansion card bringing the total RAM to a whopping 2MB! It also has an Dove external Mac Snap SCSI port board allowing you to connect the included Procom 120MB external hard drive. It also includes a 800K disk drive. It is capable of running systems 1.1 to at least 6.0.7 (installed).

This Macintosh comes with a keyboard, Mouse, Procom MD120 external SCSI disk drive running system 6.0.7 (also lots of other goodies), power, keyboard, and SCSI cables. Case and keyboard likely have some discoloration, and the mouse definitely does. No scratches, scuff or dings have been noticed.

Guess what…this machine once even included a Hyper Drive 20 modification which allowed for a hard disk to be installed inside the Mac case. No traces of that remain except the sticker on the front.

You can read more about the Mac Snap RAM expansion on Mac Gui or the Mac Snap SCSI board also on Mac Gui.

On the power cable – we have both of the earliest styles, so you can choose which one you feel came first – leave a note at checkout for left or right (last photo)