Imac G4 (QT21123LMDL)


800 Mhz!


The iMac G4, is like no other.

Very memorable design features a 10.6″ white half spherical base with a chrome neck leading up to a multi-adjustable LCD flat panel display.

This iMac features a 15″ display, 800 MHz G4 Processor, 640 Mb RAM, 60 GB Hard Drive and a combo – DVD-R/CD-RW optical drive. This one also has an Airport Card. It has a few minor scratches on the top right screen bezel, otherwise looks nice. The first photo is of this actual item, the photos with the white background are representative.

It sports 3 USB and 2 Firewire ports. New install of OS 10.4 Tiger, which is it’s max OS.

M6498, PowerMac4,2

Included in this package are a power cable, Apple Pro Keyboard and Pro Mouse, original manuals and disk set. The disks include CD’s 1-6 Software Restore, OS 10.1.2 Install, OS 9.2.2 Install, Applications, iPhoto 1.0 and Apple Hardware Test.

Please Note: Lacking the original shipping box and materials, it does take several hours to custom package these computers for safe shipping. If I have the original box and materials, that fee will be refunded if the box is returned so it can be used again.