Apple Multiple Scan 15 Display


15″ Monitor

Sold out for now

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The Apple Multiple Scan (MultiScan) 15 Display, M2943, is a 15″ Shadow Mask CRT color monitor. Features optimized screen resolutions (640×480, 800×600,832×624,1024×768), and a tilt-swivel base that allows the monitor to be positioned for optimal viewing comfort. This display should work with every Macintosh with a DB-15 15 pin display port – Macintosh II (with proper video card) to Beige G3.

**Photos are for illustration only and NOT what you will receive**

Select from the following: All come with power cable and have a built in data cable. Expect minor scuffs and scratches, etc. The screens are scratch free.

A) Sold! SN CJ4413RA39X. This Display looks and works great! No discoloration and better looking than the photos.

B) SN CJ6275PN39X. This Display works great. The front housing plastic is evenly light to medium discolored. The rear housing is nice. It is currently missing the swivel base, but will be updated if I come across one.


Note! Photo shows the manual – that shipped with the previous monitor. If I run across another one before this ships, it will be included. Otherwise, not.