SCSI Hard Drives, Internal – 50 Pin


NON Apple branded 50 pin SCSI hard drives.


Hard drives from Seagate, Connor, IBM, Quantum and more. These drives have a 50 pin SCSI interface. Can be used as an internal drive or put in an external enclosure. Termination and jumpers will be different for each.

***Photo is representative and NOT necessarily the one you will receive***

Even though many of these are identical to the Apple branded drives, because they didn’t originally come inside a Macintosh and have an Apple label, Apple’s hard drive utilities refuse to work with them. *These drives have been formatted with Silverlining, FWB Hard Disk Toolkit, or modifications of Apple’s HD SC Setup or Drive Setup.* What that means is that they should work as a startup drive inside or outside of your Mac. **Jumper and termination may need to be set or changed for internal or external use.** Jumpers and termination specs for most drives can be found at

All have been wiped, sanitized* and thoroughly tested on a Mac. Any software on any drive is not part of the sale – you are simply purchasing a hard drive from me. *In some cases the sanitized contents were retained and reinstalled as pre-prep for another Mac or it could mean loaded from scratch with partitions and a bunch of stuff installed – I have a few that came in that way.

All are 3.5”
-Height – unless noted, these are less than 1” tall – like more current desktop hard drives
-HH are approx 42mm (1-5/8”) tall. Most computers have room for these and many Apple drives were also tall.
-Empty means formatted and nothing installed.
-New means new OS installed.
-A few drives may have their own page and have a link.

Available Drives:

A) 40MB, Quantum ProDrive 940-40-9402, empty (HH)
B) 45MB, Rodime R03058T Type 00, System 7.0 (HH)
C) 120MB, Quantum Prodrive LPS (p/n relabeled by someone else), System 7.5
D) 200MB, IBM WDS-3200, System 7.6.1 Loaded
E) 200MB, Quantum ProDrive 210S, empty
-212MB, Connor CP3200F, System 7.6.1 new (HH)
G) 240MB, Quantum ProDrive LPS GM24S012, System 7.5.5 loaded
-270MB, Quantum ProDrive LPS TB27S011 *SCSI-2 SE*, empty
270MB, Quantum Maverick ProDrive MV27S011 *SCSI-2*, empty
320MB, IBM 0661-371, empty (HH) or here with System 7.1
K) 340MB, Maxtor 7345SR, System 7.5.5 loaded
L) 840MB, APS branded Quantum Trailblazer TR84S011, System 7.5.5 loaded
M) 1GB, Fujitsu M1606SAU, System 7.6.1 loaded
N) 2GB, Connor CFP2107S, OS 9.1 new

If you need a specific OS or enabler installed to get your vintage Mac running, that service is available here.