Apple SCSI Hard Drives, Internal – 50 Pin


Apple branded various manufacturers


Apple branded 3.5″ hard drives from Seagate, Connor, IBM, Quantum and more. These drives have a 50 pin SCSI interface and came inside a Macintosh computer although they can be put in an external enclosure **Jumper and termination may need to be set or changed for internal or external use.** Those specs for most drives can be found at

All have been wiped, sanitized* and thoroughly tested on a Mac and either a new system installed or previous system plus apps were retained.

Any software on any drive is not part of the sale – you are simply purchasing a hard drive from me. *In some cases the sanitized contents were reinstalled as pre-prep for another Mac or loaded could mean loaded from scratch with partitions and a bunch of stuff installed – I have a few that came in that way.

All are 3.5”
-Height – unless noted, these are less than 1” tall – like more current desktop hard drives
-HH are approx 42mm (1-5/8”) tall.
-Empty means formatted and nothing installed.
-New means new OS installed.

Available Drives:

A) Apple 20MB (MiniScribe 8425S), empty (HH)
B) Apple 40MB (Quantum ProDrive LPS), empty
C) Apple 80MB (Quantum ProDrive), empty (HH)
D) Apple 80MB (Quantum ProDrive ELS or LPS), empty

E) Apple 160MB (Quantum ProDrive ELS), System 7.1P3 Loaded
F) Apple 160MB (IBM-H3171-S2), System 7.5.5 Loaded
G) Apple 160MB (Quantum ProDrive ELS), System 7.5

H) Apple 230MB (Quantum ProDrive LPS), empty
I) Apple 250MB (Quantum ProDrive LPS), empty

J) Apple 1.2GB (Quantum Fireball TM12S012), OS 8.5 new install

If you need a specific OS or enabler installed to get your vintage Mac running, that service is available here.

***Photo is representative and NOT necessarily the one you will receive***