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Apple IIGS, A2S6000

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Apple IIGS, A2S6000.

GS – Graphics and Sound! The 16-bit Apple IIGS when introduced was the most advanced personal computer available (in my opinion). While backwards compatible with the Apple II line, it surpassed the Macintosh at the time in many areas. First with the color GUI, first ADB keyboard and mouse, and best known for it’s state of the art sound and music.

The GS has built-in ports for the keyboard, printer, modem, monitor, mono monitor, floppy disk drive, joystick and headphones. Interior slots are used for such things as adding a parallel printer, an internal modem, networking cards, hard drives or SCSI cards, and accelerators. ROM 1 has 256K of memory built in and the ROM 3 has 1MB.

***Photos are for illustration purposes only and NOT what you will receive but show some coloring variations***

Select below: All are cleaned and tested to work. All will come with at least 256k on a 1MB Apple memory card or more (listed with each computer). All have feet. Likely missing any number of slot covers in the back. Specific pics can be provided on request. These are 30 years old, expect minor scratches, scrapes or scuffs here and there. Anything more major will be noted. Expect at least minor discoloration on everything and it may or may not be noticeable depending on the coloring of your drive and monitor.

From Apple, when you purchased a IIGS, you received a computer, power cable, keyboard, keyboard cable, mouse, manuals and system disks for $999.

Availability here is all of the above as a “complete setup”(see note at bottom) or as the computer only without any extra goodies.

A) ROM 1, SN E7150C6A2S6000. Light discoloration, nice on the top (likely a monitor sat there). 4MB memory card in this one.

B) ROM 1, SN E8401TBA2S6000. Light discoloration overall, maybe a little darker on the left and back. Crack in the bottom of the top case at the left rear. 1MB memory card in this one.

C) ROM 1, SN E6514MUA2S6000. Woz Limited Edition. Light discoloration overall.

D) ROM 1, SN E805DRNA2S6000. Overall light discoloration, nice on the top, medium on the back and back end of the right side. 4MB memory card in this one.

E) ROM 1, SN E819FYJA2S6000. Nice!

*Note: Keyboards and mice will match computer case as best as possible. Complete setup will likely include non original System disks as those are rare.

System manuals (for the disks) are also haphazard, and may not be available. But you will receive an original “Apple IIGS Owner’s Guide” and “Setting Up Your Apple IIGS” manuals with package purchase.

System 6 and System 6.0.1 (and manuals) were available from resources such as Quality Computers and may be included in lieu of Apple manuals.

Please leave a note on the checkout page if you have a preference on System Disk(s)(and manuals for them if available). You can choose from System 1, 2, 3.1, 4, 5.0, 5.02, 5.04, 6, 6.0.1.

***All are shipping without pram batteries***

Any internal memory, cards, accelerators or fan will be installed here if you purchase them along with a IIGS. If you purchase a Monitor, 3.5 Drive, or 5.25 Drive at the same time, I will match up coloring with available inventory.