AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe



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Apple #A2M6021 (825-1352-A). This monitor works great and looks good! There is no discoloration that I can see (excuse my pictures – the bulb on the left is making things yellow!), but there are black marks on the right side. These marks are not from a marker – they remind me more of tar. If I can figure out how to get them off, I will update the listing.

No card required, just plugs into the video jack of any Apple II with included RCA type monitor cable.

Description from Apple:
The AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe allows users to add color capabilities to their Apple IIe systems.

* Displays high-resolution color graphics, 80-column text in monochrome, or color graphics with text in a 40-column format.

* Can work with composite (NTSC) video output instead of RGB output, so users simply plug the monitor into the video jack of their Apple IIe, Apple II Plus, Apple II, or Apple IIc computer. No need for special cards or adaptors.

* The 13-inch screen provides a large display area for easy viewing.

The monitor provides higher resolution than standard video or television screens. It provides a cost-effective solution for users who require color display and 80-column text, and is compatible with all Apple software.