Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard Key Caps – IIGS


A9M0330, 658-4081


Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard, A9M0330, 658-4081. This is the keyboard that came with the Apple IIGS in 1986. Complete keyboards are currently only available with purchase of an Apple IIGS here. They all started life looking like main photo, but most now look like the next – SMK (Taiwan) on top and Alps (Japan) below).

While they look the same on the outside, there are two main differences that affect which key cap that you need. Pop off a keycap (not Caps Lock), if needed. Are the stems of your switches orange, salmon or white?

If your keyboard label say “Made in Japan”, it uses orange or salmon colored Alps switches. The keycaps are platinum colored top and bottom and longer keys use brown stabilizer bar clips. Key caps don’t really discolor, although the case, numeric keypad divider and space bar do.

If your keyboard label says “Made in Taiwan”, it uses white SMK switches. The keycaps are dark gray on the bottom and longer keys use white stabilizer bar clips.  Key caps always discolor with rest of case.

While the keycaps may be interchangeable in a pinch, they don’t fit as nicely as the correct ones and the coloring may not match. The large key caps will come with stabilizer bar clips and posts.

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