Vulcan Hard Drive IIGS


40MB Internal


40 MB Vulcan hard drive from Applied Engineering.
The Vulcan consists of a heavy duty power supply with fan (replacing the stock GS power supply) and an internal hard drive with an interface cable leading to a controller card – usually installed in slot 7.

***Photos are for illustration only and NOT what you will receive.***

The Vulcan currently for sale (not the hardware pics above) is a 40 MB although the sticker says 20 and the card is a REV 1.5. It has 5 partitions (only 4 can be active at a time), running System 6.0.1, loaded with apps including AppleWorksGS, AppleWorks 5, ORCA and other programming tools, and the Vulcan utilities it shipped with. The last two photos are the contents of this hard drive.

Comes with an original Manual and a copy of the AE Vulcan Utility Disk. Note you can request either a 5.25 or a 3.5 disk.

It passes verification and validation and seems to be working just fine. Warranty on this is limited to working when you receive it only.