LaCie External Hard Drive – SCSI


50 pin


LaCie Tsunami External SCSI Hard Drive. 50 pin SCSI internally and externally. Features dip switches to set the SCSI ID and termination. One of the few hard drives that sits vertically and in an interestingly shaped compact case at approx 9″ x 6″. It is also made to be stackable as the cases will nestle into each other.

Some still have the original Quantum drives and others have been replaced – usually with something larger. The cases vary from very nice looking to severe discoloration. Some have a security plate on the outside. Most are formatted with Silverlining.

*SCSI and power cables are included.

Current offerings:

1) 120-130 MB (empty)

2) 260-270 MB (empty)

3) 1 GB (OS 8.5.1 loaded w/6 partitions)

If you need a specific OS or enabler installed to get your vintage Mac (or IIGS) running, that service is available here.