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Apple Unidisk, A9M0104.

This is a floppy-disk drive that uses removable, 5.25-inch disks to store and retrieve data. You can use your Unidisk Drive with ANY Apple II in the Apple II family of computers.

Apple ][, Apple ][ Plus and Apple //e models require an Apple I/O or 5.25 Drive controller card (not included). Apple //c models and Apple IIGS have built-in floppy disk ports. Also used with the IIe card on the Macintosh.

This was the 5.25 drive that replaced the Disk II Drive. Features daisy chaining on the rear, black feet and beige in color to match the original Apple IIe. It was replaced by the Apple 5.25 Drive which is Platinum in color.

All are clean and tested to read and write. Exterior condition varies from as Nice as it gets to Severely discolored or a cracked housing and everything in between. More information about coloring can be found here. I will try to put drives in the most appropriate category as far as exterior condition, but as the photos show, it is very hard to judge with some.

A) Sold K376343. This is the solo drive pictured above. Looks nice. May have some light discoloration on the front and left side.
B) Sold KA85392. Looks nice. Even coloration
C) Sold KC12763. Front and left look nice. Top has medium discoloration spilling over a little to the back and right sides. Engraving and property sticker on the bottom.
D) Sold KA85420. Overall light discoloration. Large engraving on left side and back. Second drive down in last photo.