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The case or housing, base and lid differed among all versions of the Apple IIe

Case #1. Painted beige (almost off white) case. Mesh strip and velcro on lid along with 2 badges – Apple & //e, 4 screws across the front as well as 2 screws in the back panel. The keyboard mounted to a bracket on the base. (first pic)

Case #2. Beige dyed plastic, RFI strip on the back wall stuck up through the case and the lid just snapped on. 2 badges on the lid remained – Apple & //e. 3 screws across across the front. The keyboard mounted to a bracket on the base. (pic 2 and 3)

Case #3. Same as #2 except the keyboard brackets on the base are gone and the keyboard now fastened to the underside of the case. (pic 2 and 4)

Case #4. Platinum case and extended keyboard. Lid has printed Apple //e instead of badges. An Apple emblem is on the right side of the case above the keyboard. The keyboard light also changed location. (pics 5 and 6)

***Photos are for illustration only. For better coloring examples, see the regular IIe or platinum IIe pages***

All will have some minor scuffs, scrapes or scratches. Many have had marker or stickers removed, resulting in lighter areas. These are sold as a set unless something was broken or unusable resulting in a stray lid or case. Cases have the screw clips attached.

Select from the following:

A) Sold Beige IIe (Case #3 – keyboard screws to the case) w/lid. Evenly colored with medium to severe discoloration. There is a lighter arc on the lid. (2nd photo)

B) Platinum IIe (Case #4) w/lid. Light discoloration overall with the lid and left side medium. Engraving on right side towards the front

C) Sold Platinum IIe (Case #4) w/lid. Light discoloration overall. Scrapes on the front raised part of case.

D) Sold Platinum IIe (Case #4) w/lid. Medium discoloration overall with severe on the right side. Also marker and sticker removed from right side.

E) Platinum IIe (Case #4) w/lid. Medium to severe discoloration overall. Stickers removed from left side. Marker removed from lid and right side. Some scrapes on raised front part of the lid and case.

F) Sold Platinum IIe Lid only (for Case #4). Light to medium discoloration overall. Marker has been removed. *While this lid will physically fit on case #2 or #3, the fundamental plastic is a different color.