Music Construction Set


You many be an unheralded musical genius


Will Harvey’s Music Construction Set.

You can’t read music? You already read music? You don’t play an instrument? You play them all by ear? You go to the symphony every Saturday? You go to the hardware store every Saturday? What you’re only ten years old? Not to worry. This is a great way to learn about music. And a great way to have fun with what you might already know.

Publisher: Electronic Arts


  • Folder
  • 5.25″ disk
  • Manual or Instructions

Select One:

A) Early – cardboard sleeve

B) Late – trifold folder (last photo) Has printer and interface card info taped on the cover.

System requirements:

  • Apple II, II+, IIe, IIc, IIGS
  • 48K RAM
  • Joystick, KoalaPad, or Apple Mouse Optional
  • Mockingboard or The Cricket Optional¬† (Sound Card)

Condition:  Good