The World’s Greatest Football Game


Play The Worlds Greatest Football Game on your Apple II computer


A 2-player competitive strategy game, players can design their own individual plays to compete against the opposing team. Plays can be saved on a strategy disk, and successful plays can be reused. Gameplay follows standard American football rules. During each play, the players watch the animated action on the screen from a top-down perspective, and can control 1 – 2 key players during the action phase. Includes an interactive timer and scoreboard, and the player can define the length of each quarter.

Publisher: EPYX Inc.


  • 5.25″ Game disk
  • Instruction Manual
  • Football Game Playbook

System requirements:

  • Apple II, Commodore 64 or 128
  • 64K RAM

Condition: Good. The manual has a few tears, but seems to be complete. Some writing on the playbook.

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