4th & Inches


Build your winning team on your own IIGS!


Welcome to the pros, rookie. So you were an All-American? Big deal! This is pro football, baby. It’s time to put down your press clippings and start buttin’ heads with the big boys. 4th & Inches gives you all of the hard-hitting action of real football: the bombs, the blitzing, the goal line stands. You’ll experience graphics and animation that are as riveting as a blind side hit.

Publisher: Accolade

Select One:

A) 4th & Inches game includes box, 3.5″ game disk and Manual for Apple IIGS

B) Team Construction Disk for 4th & Inches includes box, 3.5 disk and Manual for Apple IIGS

System requirements:

  • Apple IIGS
  • 512K RAM

*Note one 4th & Inches set will come with a photocopied manual.