Apple ImageWriter LQ Printer

Introduced in 1987, the ImageWriter LQ was Apple’s final ImageWriter model, and perhaps the largest at approx 23x15x5”. It was discontinued in 1990.

A9M0340. Platinum, or gray in color.

This 15” wide dot matrix printer offers 3 levels of print quality, Letter Quality (LQ), Near Letter Quality (NLQ), and Fast Draft at speeds of up to 250 characters per second! Seven color printing, text formatting, character sets and even proportional spacing are all handled easily. Form feed (continuous or tractor feed) paper, envelopes, labels and single sheet paper can all be used with this printer as well as pre-printed forms, checks and multi-part forms.

LQ is handled by a 27 pin print head and up to 216 dpi! Accepts both black and 4 color ribbons. Push or pull tractor feed as well as a bottom feed to simplify the toughest jobs including 5 part forms.

Optional accessories for the ImageWriter LQ include:

  • Sheet Feeder will hold 100 sheets of regular printer paper plus up to 3 bins

  • Envelope feeder

  • ImageWriter II/LQ AppleTalk Option (LocalTalk) lets up to 31 computers share the printer on an AppleTalk network.

The ImageWriter LQ uses a serial interface and is usable on Apple IIe, IIc, IIGS, and Macintosh Plus and up, with the correct interface cable for your computer. The LQ printer driver is included with most system software on the Mac and IIGS.

The serial port on the printer is the round, 8 pin Mini-DIN (RS-422/RS-232). The serial port on your computer may be the same round 8 pin Mini-DIN as on the printer (Mac Plus and up, Apple IIGS, IIC Plus), a 25 pin DB25 on the Super Serial Card installed in an Apple //e. Apple //c has a round, 5 pin DIN.