Apple Color StyleWriter 2400 Printer


The StyleWriter grew up and now sports color!

Sold out for now

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The Color StyleWriter 2400, Family 2841, is a little larger than it’s predecessors, and the first to print in color. Features 360 DPI, 64 TrueType Fonts, ColorSync, ColorShare which gives it the ability to share the printer on your AppleTalk network. Based on models such as a Canon BJC-4000, it uses the same ink cartridges. Apple cartridges are M3240G/A (large black), M3330G/A (small black), M3329G/A (small color). The small cartridges require a “carrier” or “print head” M3328G/A. Canon BC-20 (large black), BCI-21b (small black) and BCI-21c (small color). Canon carrier or printhead, BCI-21e. A LocalTalk adapter module found here is required to use on an AppleTalk network.

I have a couple of these in stock, both in great condition, but only one User’s Guide, so it is optional below. Printers were tested to print using a black cartridge borrowed from another printer, so WILL NEED ink. Note that it does not include the carrier or printhead required to print in color.

Uses a standard power cable available free by request (leave a note on the checkout page). Standard printer cables (serial) are available here. for $5.00 with printer purchase.