MacInker – Mac Inker


Re-ink your dot matrix printer ribbons.


Re-ink your printer ribbons! The MacInker by Computer Friends is a handy device to apply more ink to your ribbons instead of throwing them away. At the time – early 80’s I believe, they advertised a cost of 10 or 20 cents a ribbon. There were dedicated MacInker machines for hundreds of dot matrix printers initially, then they came out with a universal base and individual driver kits.

There are 4 MacInkers available. All turn on and will come with copies of what appropriate documentation I have.

A) Early dedicated #234 (Imagewriter I/II) that appears to have originally come with a felt inking roller and is the only one with a contact wheel. As possibly an upgrade, there is an ink reservoir, cap, and cartridge driver that can be installed.

B) Dedicated #234 (ImageWriter I/II) that includes #422, Multicolor Mac Inker Adapter for the ImageWriter II

C) Universal Base with ImageWriter I/II kit.

D) Universal Base with a different kit – I am guessing maybe some variety of Epson. With some tweaks or modification, it probably could be used for many different cartridges. The included cap has a couple of holes cut in it by it’s former owner. No idea of the purpose. No specific docs on the kit.