HP DeskWriter C Inkjet Printer (Serial)


Print in Color!

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HP DeskWriter C Inkjet Printer for Macintosh, Model C2113A. The first inkjet printer to offer Color printing! It also adds one more print quality mode over the original DeskWriter – Draft, Normal and Best. It only holds one print cartridge, so black and color have to be swapped in and out. Compatible with System 6.0.5 and above.

As a general rule, DeskJet and DeskWriter printers prior to USB shared the same model numbers, DeskJets use a parallel connection and DeskWriters use a serial connection.

I have several early DeskWriter printers that are/will be available. I managed to find one good black cartridge amongst these and used it to test numerous printers. The DeskWriter C Printer looks great, has been cleaned and has successfully printed several pages in black with a borrowed cartridge. Manuals, software, power adapter/supply and Serial printer cable are included. No cartridges will be included, but can still be found and refilled. The black cartridge is HP 26 (51626A), and the color is HP 25 (51625A).

Many DeskWriter printers are useable on the Apple IIGS with the Harmonie Printer drivers.