QuickMail Manuals


Macintosh, DOS and OS/2


Quickmail is a software system that lets you send and receive messages to and from other people, both inside and outside your computer network. Quickmail works with Macintosh and IBM compatible computers. Manuals only available at this time. They are available as a Macintosh package or DOS package or both. Note that I only broke them up as there were two Admin manuals.

Macintosh package includes: Quickmail Administrator Manual, 6th Edition, QM Remote User Manual, QM Forms User Manual, Appendix A: Writing Scripts, QM-Datacollection Bridge Administrator Manual, 6th Edition, plus customer support card, Quickmail Reference card for both Macintosh and DOS and two letters.

DOS and OS/2 package includes Quickmail Administrator Manual, and Quickmail for DOS and OS/2 User Manual.