Version 3.0


PacerTerm is a communications application that uses the Macintosh Communications Toolbox. The Communications Toolbox manages three communication functions: Terminal Emulation, Host System Connection, and File Transfer. PacerTerm adds additional features, such as MiniWindows, scrollback area, SoftKeys and Keymappings. In addition, PacerTerm has a wide range of tools to provide multiple connectivity options and a HyperTalk based scripting language.

Package includes two manuals, User’s Guide and PacerScript Language Guide, 17 full size booklets, Quick Reference Card, Communication Tools scripting Interface Reference, and software on three 3.5″ floppy disks. System Requirements: Macintosh Plus or newer, System 6.0.4 or later, 2 MB Ram and a hard drive.

I have two of these packages that clearly have never been used, but the boxes were open when they came to me. Currently, there is only one set of software, so available with or without the original disks.