Ethernet 10BT AAUI Adapter Transceiver


Convert your Mac to modern RJ45 ethernet!

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This adapter/transceiver plugs into the AAUI ethernet port on your Mac. A standard RJ45 ethernet cable plugs into the other end to convert or adapt your Mac to RJ-45 ethernet. The AAUI ethernet port was introduced with the Quadra 700 and 900, it was a standard port on most Macs until discontinued with the G3. Some PowerBooks and LaserWriters also have this port.

Current offerings include:

A) Farallon Ethernet Ether10-T Transceiver

B) Farallon Etherwave (2 ethernet ports)(last photo)

C) new open pkg Asante FriendlyNet 10BASET including manual and ethernet cable

D) Asante FriendlyNet 10BASET