Global Village Modem – Internal Comm Slot


Teleport Platinum V


Valmark Industries, 815-1581 REV C, Global Village, FAB 05-3900 C, Teleport Platinum V fax/modem. Pulled from a Performa 6200 series.

It is my understanding that this modem will work in both “comm slot I” and “comm slot II” Macs as it has 3 notches. Please do your own research. Again, these modems have 3 notches.

Compatible Comm Slot I Macs:

Macintosh 575 family, Macintosh 630CD family, Macintosh 5200CD family, Macintosh 5300CD family, Macintosh Performa 6200/6300 family

Comm Slot II Macs:

Macintosh 4400 family, Macintosh 5400CD family, Macintosh 5500 family, Performa 6360/160 and Macintosh 6300/160, Macintosh 6400CD family, Macintosh 6500 family, Power Macintosh 7220/200, Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh

Modems are currently untested and sold as-is.