Apple Microphone – PlainTalk


Talk to your Mac


Apple Microphone 590-0617, 590-0628, 590-0670, 608-0012 are stamped on the plugs. Numbers in the parts lists include 699-5071, 699-5073, 699-5073, 699-5103, 922-0649, 922-0867. Both versions may have been called PlainTalk microphones.

The first model is round and came with an adhesive backed holder – so the mic itself was removable.

The second model is more like half an egg shaped with numerous holes. A lip on the front made is designed to sit on top of the monitor. This is the omni or unidirectional microphone. The plug on this one is longer than the first model.

Select below:

A) Round, may be stamped 590-0617 or 590-0628

B) Clip for A (very few of these survived) May or may not have adhesive left.

C) Round, new. Opened brown box 669-5103

D) Round, new and sealed. No number on white box.

E) Omnidirectional, may be stamped 590-0670 or 608-0012

F) Omnidirectional, new, sealed in bag (no box)