Macintosh 512Ke Enhanced Platinum



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Introduced in April 1986 at $1999, the 512Ke is an enhanced version of the 512K. Upgrades include a 128KB ROM and a double sided 3.5″ 800K Disk Drive. Introduced after the Macintosh Plus, this was a lower cost computer, and like the 512K, the memory was not upgradeable although there were third party solutions.

It features an 8 MHz Motorola 68000 processor, 512K of RAM or memory, 128KB ROM, and an 800k 3.5″ disk drive in a beige all-in-one compact case with a 9″ monochrome display (512 x 342 pixels). It also came with a keyboard and mouse. Ports include DB-9 mouse, printer and external modem ports, a DB-19 external disk drive port, and a speaker port. The keyboard cable plugs into the front.

In 1987 the 512Ke got platinum facelift along with the rest of the active computer lines. The Apple logo emblem on the front now looked like the Plus and it shipped with a platinum colored extended keyboard, mouse and power cable.

This rare platinum colored 512Ke looks good and works great! It does have some discoloration, overall light, with the right side more medium. The right side has had stickers removed and has a large scratch as seen in the photos. It does come with a platinum colored power cable sporting the Apple logo as well as an extended keyboard, keyboard cable and mouse.

While I do not have any original disks to go with this computer, you can choose between copies of the system it shipped with – 3.2 (also comes with a Tour disk), or a 3 disk set of System 4.1. Leave a note at checkout if you want 4.1.