Macintosh Portable M5120


M5120 but backlit!


Introduced in September 1989, the Apple Macintosh Portable was Apple’s first attempt at a Macintosh you could take with you more easily and the first battery powered. The predecessor to the PowerBooks, it weighs in at 16 lbs and sold for $6500. It features a 16 MHz Motorola MC68000 processor, 1 MB of onboard RAM, a 1.44 MB floppy disk drive (SuperDrive) and the option of a 40 MB hard drive with a 9.8″ monochrome active-matrix display.

This particular Portable – SN F952V79M59 – has been recapped and brought back up to working condition. It has 4 MB memory (so a 3 MB card). It has the backlight upgrade kit – display and card. The floppy disk drive has been serviced. It also has a new replacement battery. The internal hard drive was no longer working and has been removed – note that it was removed from the hard drive end (to avoid taking the computer apart yet again) – it was still drawing power, so the cable is still present. You are welcome to the hard drive if you really want it (leave a note on the checkout page or contact us). As a replacement, an Apple 20SC external hard drive with a new install of System 6.0.8 is included.

This one has one of the very very rare numeric keypads instead of a trackball! So it comes with a mouse and mousepad.

Of course also included are the Portable carrying bag and power adapter.

Now for the bad. While the case is a screwless modular design, the plastics are getting a bit brittle. In the process of taking it apart numerous times for the repairs and testing, a couple small tabs have broken off (they are in a pocket in the bag) but the worst is a crack on the bottom and the corner by the drives 🙁