Macintosh Classic Classic II Performa 200 – Analog Board


M0420 M1420 M4150


Macintosh Classic, Classic II, Performa 200 Analog or Power/Sweep Board

Working boards:

A) Early Classic: 630-0395, 661-0597

B) Late Classic, Classic II, Performa 200: 630-0525, 661-0651

*Boards look very similar, look for larger CRT power connector on the early one, and compare board numbers. While both power supplies will work with all Classic and Classic II logic boards, you’ll need the analog board that matches your CRT Yoke(also last photo here – early is on the left). 1st picture is of the early analog board, second and third are of the late analog board.

Non working boards are also available:

C) Early Classic

D) Late Classic