Apple Pro Keyboard Parts



Black or White


Introduced in 2000, the Pro Keyboard, M7803 is the first (USB) keyboard with extended function keys since the ADB keyboards of the ’90’s. With it’s clear, transparent case and black keys, it followed the Cube and Power Mac G4’s through the rest of their run.

The white key version of the same keyboard was released with the iMac G4 in 2002.

Notes: Top cases may have 1 or more lower clips broken. There may be scratches on the lower case and flip adjustment bar. Bottom case may be missing one or more feet. Screws are sold individually.

Most of the white keyboards and keys have yellowed. All parts keyboards had liquid spilled causing one or more keys to not work, the controller boards seem to be working fine.

Parts include:

  • Top case
  • Top case screws (2 long hex, 2 short hex, 1 phillips found under label)
  • Bottom case (black keyboard has a gray Apple logo in the center)
  • Bottom case screws (2 long, 1 short (found under keys))
  • Height adjustment bar (flip foot)
  • Height adjustment bar internal clips (2)
  • Feet (4)
  • USB cable clip
  • USB cable clip screws (2)
  • Metal board shield
  • Controller board w/USB ports & USB cable
  • Controller board screws (7)
  • Ground screw (1)
  • Backplate and membrane assy (white or silver(for black keyboard))

Keyboard Key Caps are found here.