Macintosh Server G3 (Blue & White)


Power Mac G3

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Apple Macintosh Server G3, M5183, M6657LL/A. The Power Mac G3, known as the Blue and White model. was introduced in 1999. The server models often had faster hard drives and came with server software.

  • 350 MHz PowerPC 750 processor
  • ATI Rage 128 GL graphics card with 16 MB of SDRAM
  • 100 MZ Bus and 175 MHz Cache Bus
  • 192 MB RAM
  • 12 GB Hard Drive
  • 32X CD-ROM
  • Zip 100 Drive
  • 2 USB Ports
  • 2 Firewire Ports
  • 3 PCI slots
  • 4 Expansion Bays

This computer comes from the original owner. Included is the original Power Macintosh G3 accessories box containing the keyboard, keyboard extension cable, mouse, microphone, modem cable, manuals and Software Install or Restore CD (OS 8.5.1).

Mac OS 9.1 has been newly installed. The monitor that was purchased with this G3 is here. It is the one with all the goodies. Processor is in a ZIF socket, so is upgradable to a G4. The G3 has some scuffs and scratches, most noticeable on the Apple on the side with the door.