Zip Drive 100 SCSI (External)


100 Meg of removable storage!

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Available in blue or white (Epson model), this Zip Drive will organize your files using removable 100MB disks (not included) that are slightly larger than a 3.5″ floppy disk in size. This drive uses a SCSI interface and will work anywhere in your SCSI chain. With an operating system installed on a Zip Disk, your Mac or Apple IIGS can boot from this drive! You can even share or transfer files between Macs, or between a Mac and an Apple IIGS. The Apple IIGS does not need drivers, Later Mac systems, such as OS 9 have the drivers built in to the operating system, but earlier OS’s such as System 6 or 7 will need Zip drivers. Early drivers can be found at the Mac Driver Museum:

Zip Drives are available without the SCSI cable and power supply if you are replacing a bad drive.

Zip Disk(s) are not included but are available here.