Zip Drive 100 SCSI (External)


100 Meg of removable storage!



Available in blue or white (Epson model), this Zip Drive will organize your files using removable 100MB disks (not included) that are slightly larger than a 3.5″ floppy disk in size. This drive uses a SCSI interface and will work anywhere in your SCSI chain. With an operating system installed on a Zip Disk, your Mac or Apple IIGS can boot from this drive! You can even share or transfer files between Macs, or between a Mac and an Apple IIGS. The Apple IIGS does not need drivers, Later Mac systems, such as OS 9 have the drivers built in to the operating system, but earlier OS’s such as System 6 or 7 will need Zip drivers. Early drivers can be found at the Mac Driver Museum:

Zip Drives are available without the SCSI cable and power supply if you are replacing a bad drive.

Zip Disk(s) are not included but are available here.