Apple Hard Disk 20


M0135 HD20


HD20 M0135. One of Apple’s first external hard drive developed for the Macintosh. Made for the 512K, the hard drive uses the external floppy port. It also has a port that you can plug another HD20 or your floppy drive into, so you don’t lose the use of your external disk drive. This is not a SCSI hard drive inside or out.

The Hard Disk 20 holds a whopping 20MB of data which is over 50 times the space of a 400K 3.5″ disk. It also introduced us to the Hierarchical File System (HFS). Start up from a floppy disk is required for the 512K, but with the 128K ROM, the 512Ke and Plus can boot directly from it.

This is a non working drive. The drive makes noises but does not spin up. As it is pre SCSI and uses a proprietary Rodime drive, it is not fixable by us. Sold as-is.