Macintosh Performa 6100 Series Manuals And Software


Performa 6110 and 6115


Manual and software package for the Performa 6100 Series of Macintosh computers.

This package includes:

  • Macintosh Performa CD. Performa 6110CD, 6115CD, 691-0330-A, 1994, Version 7.5
  • Macintosh Performa User’s Guide. Includes setup, troubleshooting, and important health-related information for Macintosh Performa 6100 series computers. 1995 Apple 030-7427-A
  • Apple Resource Guide (includes Licenses, Warranty, Apple stickers, etc.)
  • Setting up your Macintosh Performa poster (property sticker top right corner)
  • Technical Information. Specifications for the Macintosh Performa 6100 Series Computers

Select from the following:

A) Package with contents listed above

B) Technical Information booklet only

C) User’s Guide only (property sticker inside front cover, tape as bookmarks on 2 pages)