Apple IIc Keyboard Parts




The Apple IIc came with two different keyboards (and 3 sets of keycaps).

All parts are sold individually. Key caps are available here.

Apple 820-0108, 658-4047. The first IIc keyboard, Apple designed their own switches for the regular ones. The Caps Lock, 80/40 and Keyboard Switches were a unique kind of Alps. This will be referred to as the Apple keyboard for parts purposes. This has Photocircuits Altanta stamped on the pcb. It also uses a rubber spill guard, so you can tell right away if you have this keyboard once you have removed a cap. Regular switches have a white + shaped post and have an apple logo on the base of each.

Apple 699-0065, 658-4087. Stamped ALPS12KC538A on the PCB. The second keyboard uses Alps switches and is similar in style and parts to their other Apple keyboards of that time. When you remove a cap, you will see either amber or cream colored switches with rectangular posts. The Apple IIc is the only keyboard that uses amber colored Alps switches.

Apple switch keyboard:

  • Key Switch (Apple)
  • Caps Lock, 80/40, Keyboard Switches (Apple) Note that these are Alps switches, but unlike any other on Apple keyboards
  • Spill guard
  • Gasket (under spill guard and fastened to the top of the switches)
  • Plastic girder (stiffener on the back). Includes fasteners.
  • Disk Use light (red)
  • Power light (green)
  • Space bar stabilizer bar (usually sold with space bar)
  • Stabilizer clips on bottom of space bar (usually sold with space bar)

Alps keyboard:

  • Key Switch (Alps amber)*
  • Caps Lock, 80/40, Keyboard Switches (Alps cream)*
  • Brown clips on the underside of the large keycaps for the stabilizer bar to slide into (usually included on the keycaps)*
  • Space Bar Post Receptacle* (post is usually included on keycap)
  • Base Stabilizer bar clips (black)*
  • Space Bar Stabilizer Bar
  • Shift Stabilizer Bar
  • Control, Return Stabilizer Bar
  • Disk Use light (red)
  • Power light (green)

*These parts may be interchangeable with some IIc Plus, IIGS, Apple Keyboard M0116, Extended Keyboard M0115, Extended Keyboard II M0312 or M3501 although the colors will vary.