Copy II Plus ProDOS/DOS Utilities Version 9

Data Recovery – File Management – Protected Software Backup


Introducing Copy II Plus Version 9! The most complete Apple II utility product available. Includes utilities to help you recover accidentally deleted files, compare files, alphabetize and sort your catalog, select and run applications directly from the main menu, format disks, verify drive speeds, and make archival backups of copy protected and unprotected software.

Publisher: Central Point Software Inc.


  • Box and sleeve
  • Bit Copy Program 5.25″
  • Bit Copy Program 3.5″
  • ProDOS/DOS Utilities Manual

System requirements:

  • Apple //e enhanced, Apple //c, Apple //GS, Laser 128
  • Must have a 80 column card
  • 128k RAM
  • At least one 5.25″ or 3.25″ disk drive.

* 3.25″ Apple Unidisk drives Apple //c+ internal drives do not support bit copy program.

Condition: Good