Crisis Mountain


Defuse the bombs or cause a cataclysmic eruption!

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Crisis Mountain is a fast action high-res arcade game requiring quick reflexes and strategic thinking to conquer all nine levels of play. Your mission is to defuse bombs planted by terrorists in the treacherous caverns of an active volcano. To reach them you must leap tumbling boulders,, crawl through claustrophobic tunnels, bound over columns of bubbling lava, and dodge Bertrum, the radioactive Bat. The bombs are ticking away so hurry, or a cataclysmic eruption will occur!

Publisher: Synergistic Software


  • Folder with instructions
  • Crisis Mountain 5.25″ disk

System requirements:

  • Apple //, //+
  • 48K Memory
  • DOS 3.3
  • Games paddles or joystick

Condition: Good