The Children’s Writing and Publishing Center – Ages 7-14


Easy to use Program for Writing Reports, Letters, Outlines, Newsletters and more.


Designed for ease of use, this program stimulates the natural creativity of young people, and makes the processs of writing both fun and rewarding. It combines such powerful features as word processing, picture selection. page layout, easy-to-use interface. and over 150 top quality pictures.

Publisher: The Learning Company

Condition: Good


  • Box
  • Program & Picture 3.25″ Disk
  • Storage 3.25″ Disk
  • User’s Guide
  • Ready Reference Card


  • Apple //+, //e, //c, Apple //GS computer
  • 128k RAM
  • 3.5″ Disk Drive.
  • Dot Matrix Printer
  • Keyboard or Mouse (Optional)