HP DeskJet 870Cse Printer Manuals


Manuals set only left “Setting Up” and “User Guide”

Serial for Macintosh or Parallel for Windows


HP DeskJet 870Cse Printer. Dual interface for Macintosh and Windows. Features 600 x 600 dpi in both black text and color images. Eight pages per minute black and four pages per minute in color. Supports multiple page sizes and TrueType Fonts. More information can be found here along with links to drivers and other info.

Requirements include: Macintosh 68030 Processor at 33 MHz or higher. Mac System 7.1 to OS 9.2, 4 MB RAM, 5 MB free hard disk space. Will connect as a serial or AppleTalk printer. Windows 3.1 and up, uses the Centronics parallel printer interface.

Cartridge number are 41 (hp 51641a) for color and 45 (hp 51645a) for black. Cartridges were shared between the two printers available with magenta (and black) being the only color to show up. Printer available with manuals (Setting Up and User’s Guide) or without manuals. Ink cartridges will be needed. Old ones may or may not be included and if included, may not work.