iBook G3 14″ Bottom Case


iBook G3 14″ M8413, A1007

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Apple 922-5346, 922-4747, 922-5436, 922-5942.

Bottom case for all G3 iBook 14″.

Choose One:

A) White (Translucent White) –  Larger diagonal scratch near the battery door latch mechanism.

B) Opaque


While the case parts are fully interchangeable between all white iBook G3 models (12” or 14” respectively), the coloring is different.

Translucent white – clear acrylic with white paint underneath. The very edges of the display (outside the bezel), and bottom case are “clear”. The display bezel, I/O port bezel, top case and optical drive door are all silverish.

Opaque white – all parts are whitish

*All parts are used so expect minor scratches and signs of wear.