Apple Keyboard Parts (USB White A1048)




Parts for the Apple Keyboard A1048. Features 109 white keys in a transparent plastic housing. This USB keyboard was released in 2003, it replaced the Apple Pro Keyboard (white and black)(M7803). While it looked similar, the top plastic housing was removed and a raised decorative bezel was added above the arrow keys. The two USB ports were moved to the center back instead of on either side.

Keycaps (and stabilizer bars) are found here.

Parts available are:

  • Clear plastic case (bottom case)
  • Case screws (3)
  • Decorative Bezel
  • Bezel screws (2)
  • Cable cover
  • Controller board with lower white plastic bed, USB cable and USB port cover – ***USB cable is broken on the end***
  • Controller board screws (4)
  • Backplate to base screws (2)
  • USB port cover screws (2)

*Backplate and membrane assy (includes all the following)

  • Backplate screws (31)
  • Backplate screws, short  (3)
  • Backplate (metal)
  • Membrane
  • Key bed (white)
  • Domes