Apple USB Keyboard Parts




Introduced in 1998 with the iMac, this is the first Apple USB Keyboard. Model M2452 with it’s translucent case and black keys covers all the iMac G3 fruit colors, as well as Bondi blue and Graphite. This was the last Apple keyboard with a power button. This keyboard was also used with the Blue & White Power Mac G3 and the earliest Power Mac G4’s. It was replaced by the extended Apple Pro Keyboard in 2000.

Notes: Top cases really are impossible to get off without breaking the clips at the lower edge. The parts come from a couple of purple keyboards that we did take apart for possible repair. Most are for sale as entire keyboard without keycaps. Available are Bondi and Blueberry – leave a note on the checkout page. If you really have a hankering to change colors or repair something, and want to try your hand with the clips 🙂

All parts keyboards likely had liquid spilled causing one or more keys to not work, the controller boards seem to be working fine. Note that most of the cables have the sheathing pulled away from the case.

Parts include:

  • Top case w/power button *** broken clips!
  • Top case screws (2 w/washers by the USB ports, 2 at the top corners)
  • Controller board shield
  • Bottom case with feet, upper shield and flip foot (purple)
  • Bottom case screws (2 long (found under keys ), 4 short (at edges of backplate))
  • USB cable clip (purple)
  • USB cable clip screws (2)
  • Controller board w/USB ports & USB cable
  • Controller board screws (4)
  • Ground screw (1)
  • Backplate and membrane assy

Keyboard Key Caps are found here.