Hard Drive Carrier – Power Mac G3 (B&W), G4 Graphite, G4 Quicksilver


Select one – Hard drive Support, Bracket, Plate


In order above are: Carrier Support Plate, 922-3871 or 805-2245. Hard Drive Carrier, 076-0778 or 805-2244. U shaped Carrier (dual drive bracket), 076-0778 or 805-2322. Called by many names, the hard drive carrier support bracket and plate are all for Power Mac G3 (Blue & White), all Graphite G4 models, PCI, AGP, Gigabit, Digital, and all Quicksilver models.

The Carrier Support Plate sits on the floor at the front of the Power Mac with all the wires running under it. The Hard Drive Carrier supports a single drive and typically resides on the Support Plate and on the floor in the middle. The U shaped Carrier sits on the back side of the floor and supports two drives, one on top of the other.