Macintosh Basics Disk


For System 6.0.7 through 7.0.1



Starting with System 6.0.7 and continuing through at least part of System 7.0.1*, the Macintosh Basics disk replaced the previous Tour disks.

Select from the following:

  • A) Macintosh Basics disk (bootable) for computers that could run System 6.0.7. 690-5758-A, 690-5761-A, 690-5820-A. 1990 rainbow Apple
  • B) Macintosh Basics disk (non-bootable) for later Systems. 690-6055-A. 1990-1991. Black Apple

*There is a 7/91 packing list with and a 10/91 without the Basics disk. Both would have been 7.0.1.