Macintosh Utilities User’s Guide


Plus, II and SE


Apple Macintosh Utilities. This Guide shipped with new computers, likely around System 4x and went through System 6.0.4 ish with some models.

There are at least 4 variations that I know of. The desktop image on the cover changed with each of them.

Choose from the following:

  • A) 030-3173-A (black Macintosh box at top) and the thinnest of the manuals, 1987
  • B) 030-2133-A (M0680) Guessing this one came out with System 5, 1987
  • C) 030-3283-A, 1988
  • D) 030-3418-A, 1988

It certainly shipped with the Macintosh Plus, II and SE. Possibly with the IIx.

Condition is good to like new. Nicest ones will ship first.