Macintosh System 6.0.5 Manuals, Disks

List of the stuff that came with your new Macintosh

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This page is for information only. Any complete packages will be available elsewhere for the specific computer.

In addition to any of the earlier computers that may have been still selling new, the SE, SE FDHD, SE/30, IIcx, IIci fall into this group.

Starting with System 6.0.5 or so, new Macs came with 1 2 3 packages that contained all the disks, manuals and documentation.

1 – Open First to set up your Macintosh (folder)


  • Setting Up Your Macintosh (Booklet – Setting Up Your (machine specific))
  • Learning to Use Your Macintosh (Your Apple Tour of the Macintosh (machine specific))
  • Technical Information (Booklet – (machine specific) Special Features or Options)
  • Hypercard (Just info written on the tab referring to the HyperCard package)
  • Registration Card (Most are missing, so were sent in)

2 – Open second for learning and reference materials.

Packaged with new Macintosh computers in the System 6.0.5 era or so, these manuals came in the green System Software package (914-0520-A) or in the striped package or box labeled 2 – Open second for learning and reference materials (I am guessing on the striped package). The entire contents of either package consists of these two manuals and 4 system disks plus a cardboard wrapper(and/or box?).

3 – Open third for important documents and details

  • Software License, Warranty, Apple stickers. May have also included other brochures or advertising

Those with links will take you to that product. Those without links, please search by machine or by a couple of words like “setting up”

***Guide to Documentation pictured is for the SE/30, Number 1 package contents pictured is for the IIcx.***